Designer & Dog Mom 🐶

I am passionate about inclusive design and putting the user's interest at the forefront.

Product Designer at MoveSpring (a Reward Gateway company). Previously worked as Product Designer for Matcha and graduated from CareerFoundry's UX/UI Design program.

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Blog content creator documenting my personal journey in UX Design

I was looking for an outlet to express my thoughts and reflect on my UX journey, and then realized that this insight could be beneficial for a fellow beginner UX Designer, so I published it for the world to see.

↗️ Check out my blog here.

Creator of the 30-Day Flat Design Tutorial Challenge

To improve my visual design skills, I decided to challenge myself to follow along to one flat design tutorial for 30 days straight.

↗️ Check out my designs from the challenge here.

↗️ Want to take on the challenge yourself? Check out my guide here!

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